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Alignment Insights | Inspired Coaching

My name is Carmen Florentina, I live in Bucharest, Romania. As a Certified Coach, Trainer and Customer Experience professional, through Alignment Insights, I will accompany you in your exploration of this extraordinary journey called life, to reach your highest potential, starting with the areas of interest for you.

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What Client Experiences Say

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Since the first session I knew I was in safe hands. Having a great listener join me and let me decide the steps, available tools adapted to my needs taking into account my true purpose, the pace to reach alignment, that was my experience.


I got out of such a rut. Great experience! I feel like a new person, my path is clear, little details that were occupying more space and time than needed are a thing of the past. Embrace the flow!


Before the sessions my personal life was affecting my business. I thought it was all work related. Now my personal life is joyful and my business grew even before our sessions ended.


The approach was surprisingly soft. I got to the goals I've set for the sessions with such ease with coaching. My expectations were that I would struggle and suffer. It was so incredibly easy with alignment!


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